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Service commitment

Courtesy commitment

You have taken the time to write to a department.

We commit to reply within 15 working days following the receipt of your letter.

Personalised welcome commitment

You clearly have serious and legitimate difficulties but your repeated contacts with our departments have not been successful.

We commit to put you in contact with a person close to the department or establishment director that you have contacted, to study your problem.

Your difficulties persist.

We suggest that you contact the SMB mission coordinator who will examine your problem with you and do whatever is possible to find a solution.

Contract information commitment

You want precise information on our contracts.

We commit to place on line our public competitive calls to tender, our pre-information and award notices on the Public Defence Service market floor accessible via the web portals "" and "" . You may view, if you wish, these notices by purchasing department or geographical site (departments) or the key words that interest you.

We commit to place on line progressively all of the consultation files of the companies (DCE) related to our open calls to tender (and under certain conditions, those related to the restricted or negotiated calls to tender), in the conditions defined by article 56-1 of the public contract code.

We will endeavour to adopt progressively an identical presentation of the DCE common to the various activities concerned by our calls to tender.

Commitment to inform on public contract regulations

You are not aware, or not very well, of the applicable regulations for your contract (or future contract.

We commit to make available on our web site the forms related to the awarding of public contracts as well as a direct link to the general texts concerning public contracts (the public contract code, the instruction for the application of the code, the CCAG...).

Commitment to inform on our methods for awarding and fulfilling our contracts

You are struggling to understand the rules related to the awarding or fulfilment of our contracts.

We commit to provide you with a practical guide to help you get a better understanding of the environment in which your contract is awarded and fulfilled.

Commitment to inform on the organisation of the departments concerned by your contract

You wish to make a request concerning your contract but don’t know who to contact.

We commit to insert in our consultation files an organisation chart or a description of the various departments concerned by your contract (the SMB coordinator, purchasing department, technical department, liquidation-payment department, public accountant).


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